Transylvania Tea Party

I'm Luna an 23 year old Norwegian darkling who likes to spend her day in her coffin scrolling tumblr and having tea.

I'm posting gothy stuff but also adventure time, HP and other nice things like food.
Living in Budapest and going to uni.

- Tea time is all the time!

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| 30 Days Of Noel Fielding || Day 5 - Favourite Character Quote |
"I’m the confuser! Is it a man? Is it a woman? I’m not sure if I mind!" — Vince Noir
Again, this was impossible to choose from. But I finally went for this, simply because this quote not only discribes Vince pretty good, but also Noel himself (maybe not the recent Noel. He’s gotten a bit manlier lately, but definitely his appearance a couple of years ago…). And the androgynous side of Vince/Noel was always a thing I fancied a lot.
P.S.: Not happy at all with today’s graphic. It was a lot more colourful at the start and then turned into this sepia thing. I don’t know… :/ But tomorrow’s gonna be better. Tomorrow’s freaking me out a bit to be honest… :-P


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I need this on my head

in the forest by Junsai_Jiro on Flickr.